This fundraising is focusing on buying 12 acres of land where we shall build a house for the Elderly needy people, Disabled & Orphaned children we are already helping while we extend help to about 1000 orphaned/needy children.

Andy Kind Heart Foundation, wants to have a place which all our helped children could call home and to  make sure we have a big place and a good environment for children and make them forget their old life.

Therefore we prayed and considered lot of things with consultations from the different people we have already found 12 acres of land outside the town at $80,000 and we have talked to the owners of this land they agreed to give us a purchase document if we can show interest by paying %25 of $80,000 or pay at once all of $80,000.

On this land there’s no house at the moment, we’ll be able to carry out a number of different projects on this land

These twelve acres of land is big enough  to hold all our future projects including animal husbandry, the big garden and above all it will empower us to extend help to more than 1000 orphans.


We have already raised $10,000 on the $80,000 needed click the yellow donate button below to send help purposely for the land purchase