I know this is really so heart breaking but, all along I’ve been seeing dogs and cats knocked on the way, and some poisoned in town centers calling them stray dogs.

I felt I could do something to save these amazing fur friends, We want to acquire some piece of land, we go and pick them from wherever they don’t need them and we take care of them, we would like to build kennels and have enough space for them to play around freely, to make them feel loved and cared for!

As this needs a lot because it involves feeding, Vaccination and treatment, it involves daily expenditures and traveling to different places to save them, but we are determined to do this and save our fur friends, it breaks my heart whenever I find one killed.

We have moved to different places and we have found dogs being treated badly and in Zigoti trading center I found when the Town Council had poisoned all the stray dogs! And i had to meet the Town Clerk and Mayor to convince them about my plan of having all the stray Dogs Vaccinated and be Given tags that can i identify them to be safe living in the community as we are still struggling to get a place where we can keep them from and all this needs your support my fellow animal lovers!

Poisoning the dogs is inhumane, their rising population can be controlled by neutering female dogs instead of killing them.

Poisoning is more costly, since it involves buying meat, poison and the chemicals used to control the smell after they are dead.

After eating the poisonous meat, these human-friendly animals struggle for their lives. The torturous moment they experience before they die is unimaginable,” . “Being hungry, the dogs trust the people who give them this poisonous meat, but the end result is unfortunate.

Is this a CAUSE you can help me to start . We are kindly calling on more of you our friends who are animal lovers to join us with support and ideas on how best we can save these amazing creatures and how best we can take care of them, we currently have one rescue organization in the whole country that can’t reach to all parts of the country to save these amazing animals, join me to start with any size contribution thru our Animal Protection & rescue link here